Place for rent in Durham, England

We have come to love our home here in Durham, and are so sad to say good bye.  It has been a wonderful place for us these last three years.  And now, it needs new people to make it home!  It is a three bedroom house, with a living room with a gas fireplace, an awesome kitchen, and one bathroom.  It is two stories, with all three bedrooms upstairs & the rest downstairs.  There is an outdoor patio (for those Americans) also referred to here as a back yard.  Ben & I have made a small garden space out back for ourselves.  The backyard/patio has a shed, BBQ, and picnic table.  The place comes furnished, minus some kitchen essentials.  There is a washer in the kitchen, no dryer (and for those American’s that may check this out – most UK houses do no not have a tumble dryer).  It is a 10 minute bus ride from town, and is a one minute walk to the nearest bus stop.  It is 2 1/2 miles, approximately, from the centre of Durham.  If you are interested, please please please contact me ASAP!  We are leaving at the end of July & our landlords are looking for renters by the beginning of August.  See below pictures:

My favorite room in the house – the kitchen!

The kitchen

The bathroom, shower & bathtub to the right

Bathroom with shower & bathtub to the right

The backyard/patio

The backyard/patio – the garden is on the other side of the brick wall

Master bedroom – there is a dresser in this room now that’s not visible in the picture

The office

Guest bedroom

The living room – obviously old pictures – we’re not actually having Christmas in July!

A nook in the living room

The garden out back – this was our first year living here

The backyard/patio again

Out enjoying our outdoor space


2 responses to “Place for rent in Durham, England

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  2. I came across your blog while searching about Durham! We are moving there next month from the states. Has this been rented? You said minus a few kitchen things, is there any pots and pans or anything like that? Also what is the price? I also have another question if you don’t mind answering, I noticed you had a baby over there. I will be pregnant while living there and I was wondering how the medical service is there.


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